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This section is for IF YOU LIVE IN Portland, Oregon.  We deliver full size potted Christmas trees. After Christmas our clients Christmas trees are planted for them around schools, churches, in parks and watersheds all over the Northwest. 2011 is our 20th year. To learn how this works, spend at least around 10 minutes on this website. There are ten pages listed in the upper left corner of this page. You can scroll down on each page to see; newsarticles,photos, history of the Christmas tree, tree options, and artist drawings you can print and draw your Christmas trees on. 

You can have a full size potted Christmas tree that you don't have to plant in your backyard. We deliver your tree right to your front door, you just slide it inside. After New Years we pick it up and it gets planted for you in a watershed to grow old. Woohoo right? Besides the fact that your Christmas tree is planted to clean air pollution (global warming), it's really neat to have a living (actual), naturally shaped tree in your home!

This section is for IF YOU DON'T LIVE IN PORTLAND, OREGON. We offer trees to only Portland Oregon. If you don't live in Portland Oregon, there is information on the outside Portland page about how you can conveniently have a full size potted tree that gets planted by like your local parks department. If you're interested in running your own franchise, the info is also on our outside Portland page. Perhaps also check out our trees indoors page. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

To order your living Christmas tree, it´s necessary to read at least this page of this website, then order on the order form page. You can pay with PayPal or mail a check.

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2011 info

Trees: The types of trees available are below, (subject to change). The order form asks you for three tree choices, so have three tree kinds in mind before ordering. Tree selection is on the Internet because our trees are dug out of the ground 40 miles from Portland. Our trees are hand pruned, not sheered, so they have a Natural shape. Ones noted as 'Natural' have not been pruned at all- Natures perfect Christmas trees! The tip of the tree height is from floor to very top, (tip height includes pot height which is about one foot). Tip of 6' tree is between 6´ and 7'. Tip of 7.5' tree is 7' to 7' 9" high. Scroll down down down to see photos of trees and branches. Thank you & Merry Christmas !

6' Alpine fir
7.5' Alpine fir
6' Balsam fir
7.5' Balsam fir
6' blue spruce  (prickly)
7.5' blue spruce  (5'-6' wide, prickly)
6' Douglas fir  (native, dense)
7.5' Douglas fir  (Natural, native, sparse)
6' Engelmann spruce  (dense)
6' Grand fir  (Natural, native)
Grand fir  (Natural, native)
7.5' Fraser fir  (narrow, sparse)

7.5' Nordmann fir
6' Norway spruce  (dense)
6' Norway spruce  (sparse)
7.5' Norway spruce  (sparse)
6' pine
7.5' pine  (5'-6' wide)
7.5' Sequoia  (Natural, native, flimsy branches so only supports ornaments / lights on innermost branches)

Prices: 'Earlybird (October) special'= $75. November price= $85. December price= $90. {If you pickup your 6´tree in your vehicle then have us pick it up after New Years (in our delivery area)- subtract $10. If you pickup and return a 6' tree in your vehicle the price is $70.}

How long you would have your tree: For the health of your tree after planting, you'd have your tree inside your home between Thursday 12/15/11 by 5pm, and Monday 1/2/12pm (18 days). For us to pick it up, (in our delivery area), please put your tree outside your front door before you go to bed on Monday 1/2/12.

Delivery (area): Our delivery area is best described by zip code. We deliver to: 97201, 97202, 97203, 97204, 97205, 97206 - but not south of Flavel, 97209, 97210- but not north of Vaughn, 97211, 97212, 97213, 97214, 97215, 97217, 97218, 97219- but not south of Taylors Ferry Rd, 97221, 97223- but not south of Taylors Ferry, 97225, 97227, 97229, 97232, 97239. Your tree will be delivered by Thursday 12/15/11 by 5pm. You do not have to be home for the delivery. We put your tree next to your front door. Pickup: Your tree needs to be undecorated and outside your home Monday 1/2/12 before you go to bed. We start picking up trees early morning the next day.

Taking care of your living Christmas tree:
The following are the basics of care, no: tinsel, flock (fake snow) or big (thumb size) lights. The lights that are small, (pencil erasure size) are perfect.  Just water a pint or two a day. Also, it's important to keep your tree as cool temperature as possible. If practical, put it near a window. If a heating vent is near the tree
, please cover and insulate the vent. When not at home, turn the heat down as low as practical. If you like to keep your home at 72 always, or heat your home with a wood stove, the tree won't be healthy enough for planting.

Special info: If your tree needs to go up or downstairs inside your home, definitely order a 6' tree, they weigh the least- around 70 pounds. If you live in an apartment / condo with a shared secure main door, email us for special arrangements (there might be a fee). We do deliver to businesses but not earlier than 12/15. We do deliver outside our delivery area, email us to discuss a fee. If  you want to keep your tree and plant it yourself, you can, just please let us know so we don't come to your address after New Years to pick it up. To keep your tree costs an extra $20.. If you are a business we don't deliver early because the trees can't be indoors too long. We can deliver early for if the trees will be displayed outdoors. Also for outdoors like at businesses, we have big trees up to 20'. If you can display your tree outside, like on a porch, and if you want a 6' tree, you can pick up your tree in your vehicle anytime after Thanksgiving, then you can move your tree from your patio to inside your home on 12/15. The 7.5' trees are not available for you to pickup and / or return. We can provide trees for events, email us to discuss. If you have property and want some evergreen trees to plant on it, buy trees from us. For more details on anything see our Frequently Asked Questions And Answers page, or email us. Thank you and Merry Christmas!
living christmas tree
6' & 7.5' Alpine fir- click to enlarge
living christmas tree
7.5' Fraser fir- click to enlarge
living christmas tree
6' Douglas fir- click to enlarge
The little images below are of 7.5´ Douglas fir. Click on one to open one. Then use the slideshow button to see all of them. They all look different because they are Naturally shaped. Visit the site in November to see if we´ve added more (and / or made these photos better).

living christmas tree
6' & 7.5' Balsam fir- click to enlarge
living christmas tree
6' and 7.5' blue spruce- click to enlarge
living christmas tree
6' Engleman spruce- click to enlarge
living christmas tree
6' & 7.5' Grand fir- click to enlarge
living christmas tree
7.5' Nordmann fir- click to enlarge
living christmas tree
6' & 7.5' Norway spruce- click to enlarge
living christmas tree
6' & 7.5' pine- click to enlarge
living christmas tree
7.5' sequoia- click to enlarge

Branches and needle pics below

Balsam branches- click to enlarge
blue spruce branches- click to enlarge
Douglas fir branches- click to enlarge
Engleman spruce branches- click to enlarge
Grand fir branches- click to enlarge
Nordmann fir branches- click to enlarge
Norway spruce branches- click to enlarge
pine branches- click to enlarge
Sequoia branches- click to elarge

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