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Thank You. We convert lawns to moss only in as little as a week. The way we do it is spraying an organic spray which gets rid of grass and weeds and doesn't kill moss. The primary environmental benefit of a moss lawn is that it is so low maintenance- no mow! Imagine not mowing and still having a nice green lawn. (A lawn mower running for an hour pollutes as much as 30 cars running for an hour.) Moss is a thick, green, hardy and low maintenance groundcover.

We work to let every one with the potential to have a moss lawn know about our service so together we can create hundreds of thousands of ecological moss lawn landscapes to honor our role with Nature!

Thank you woohoo!

Moss is the first plant to grow on land, it made the transition from the ocean to live on land. Moss is how the surface of the earth turned from barren rock into dirt. Moss covered the rocks which allows higher plants to take root and break down the rocks into dirt. Higher plants have vascular structures for transporting fluid which allows them to get bigger, taller, and adapt to a wider variety of habitats. Moss doesn't have vascular structures, ie roots. It gets nutrients from the air and its surfaces.

Grass lawns first appeared in Europe in medieval times, around 1,000 years ago. Grass lawns were status symbols for the very few, very wealthy, Lords. Because grass had to be 'mowed', Lords needed to employ many servants, Surfs, who 'mowed' by hand with tools, no mowers. Lords also had expensive livestock- cows and horses, that would graze- mow. Shift to today where all across the land gas powered mowers are used to keep lawns looking nice. Well what about air pollution- global warming?

Moss lawns are an alternative that more people may wish to consider, especially if low maintenance over the long term is a desirable objective, along with less pollution. In this time of global warming and a shaky economy, the lawn is a great place one can honor Nature and save money. Switching to moss lawns is something individuals can do to feel Natural, to pollute less. Instead of looking to our politicians to solve global warming, we can feel responsible in our own actions. One easy change is to have a moss lawn. We can have a carpet of green for a lawn, moss, without mowing.

Moss is a symptom of lawn problems, not a cause of them. Moss in the lawn as an indication that the grass is stressed by one or more common problems. Unless the underlying conditions are changed, grass will struggle. To have a grass only lawn a costly lawn renovation is the only way. A lawn renovation entails; raising the pH of the soil, aerating, top-dressing, over-seeding. Instead of a renovation and mowing, a moss lawn is maintained by spraying just a few times a year.

Grass causes some of the most common allergies that many people experience in summer months; runny nose, watery eyes, itchy throat and sneezing. Why have grass in front and back of the home that creates allergies? Why suffer when the lawn could be non allergy causing? Moss is non allergenic.

Diseases and insects that affect grass do not affect moss, so no worry about pests in the lawn and going to the garden store for pest controlling chemicals.

Have you ever wandered through a forest and admired the bright mossy beds catching the glint of sun? Grass could never look so brilliant. It is the moss that imbues forests with that wonderful lush quality which soothes the soul and softens the contours of the earth. You could achieve that same beauty in your lawn- a moss lawn.

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Moss myths:

The shade myth. There are around 12,000 species of moss, some like sun. You don't have to have shade to have a moss lawn. Some mosses don't like shade. Any lawn can be a moss lawn.

The hardy myth.
We all think of moss as being torn up easily. While it's true that moss doesn't have roots, it is still a hardy groundcover. Moss likes compact soil and grows well on paths were people walk. If you have a dog or kids who tear up your grass lawn then stick with grass in those areas. You can still have moss in the areas that aren't roughed up.

The water myth. We think moss looks dead during the summer. Moss actually greens up in the summer- just water for two minutes.
It greens up within one day- right before your eyes. We think of moss as needing to be moist, like in the forest. Sure all plants need moisture, interestingly, moss just happens to need waaay less water than grass. During the summer moss needs no water at all and will still be alive- waiting till winter. If you water it for two minutes it greens up in the middle of the dry summer. Moss doesn't have roots so it needs around ten times less water than grass.

Moss Lawn general info

Price: The price to convert a lawn to moss only varies, contact us for a free consultation. We offer a variety of products and services, see our request form for complete info.

How long you would it take for us to convert your lawn to moss only: If you have a lot of moss in your lawn we can convert your lawn to moss-only in as little as a week. On the other end, if you have no moss in your lawn it would take around one year. Contact us for a free consultation.

How to have a moss lawn: The order form let's us know what you're interested in. We offer a free consultation. You'd pay after work is done.

Lawn care: Moss lawns are verry low maintenance. Instead of you mowing, we come by and spray just a few hours per year. You just water your lawn as much as you are now or waaay less.

Our service area is best described by zip code, we serve Portland zip codes: 97201, 97202, 97203, 97204, 97205, 97206 (but not south of Flavel St), 97209, 97210 (but not north of Vaughn St), 97211, 97212, 97213, 97214, 97215, 97217, 97218, 97219 (but not south of Taylors Ferry rd), 97221, 97223 (but not south of Taylors Ferry rd), 97225, 97227, 97229 (limited area), 97232, 97239. (We charge extra outside of our service area, email for a quote.)

We are eager to please and hope you contact us for a free consultation.
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