Company info
This page has our; contact info, mission statement, why we're the original/only, FAQ, franchise info, and ideas about 'non profit'.

We only serve Portland, Oregon. If you don't live in Portland and want to learn how you can have a moss lawn, see our Outside Portland page.

best way to contact us is email:

Our address is PO box: POB 1341, PTL, OR 97207. (no office or store)

(We give clients our cell phone number, no office phone number.)

The Original Moss Lawn Company mission statement:

The Original Moss Lawn Company works to provide the best value to people with; conversion of lawns to Moss Lawns, terrariums, landscape plants, landscaping service, removing moss from lawns and living Christmas trees. We work so we honor our role with Nature.

FaQaA (Frequently asked Questions and Answers)

What spray do you use to kill grass and weeds but not moss? It's a trade secret we work hard to protect. It is organic. We have government contacts who verify we use an organic product exclusively.

What does lawn care have to do with global warming? The mowing, watering, fertilizing, etc in lawn care contributes approximately 2 percent of the United States’ overall fossil fuel consumption and 10 percent of air pollution, according to the EPA. A reduction in mowing, watering and fertilizing will reduce the levels of greenhouse gases.

What kinds of moss do you put in the areas of my lawn that I want moss in? The best answer is, 'the kind you already have'. We'll take bits of moss from your property and transplant them on areas you want moss to grow.

What if it doesn't work out?
We understand you are asking that because this is a new idea. We choose our clients carefully and communicate in writing with a contract, including a money back guarantee.

Why does it say the site is "living Christmas trees'? The owner of The Original Living Christmas Tree Company is the owner of The Original Moss Lawn Company. No one visits the Christmas tree site so we use it for the moss site until we save money for a moss site hosted on it's own.

Can I do the maintenance on my own? When we transplant moss you'd water the small areas for two minutes each a few times. We spray to make sure our work is something we're proud of.

I love moss- can you make it grow anywhere, like on my retaining wall and big stones i have? Yes. We understand the conditions moss loves and we transplant moss. It might take a while, up to a year, to get it the look you want, because the moss has to grow and spread too.

Are you a legitimate company? We are just starting business, less than a year old. Pioneer with us and we'll all be legit in 2018. We're gonna be in the national media someday- because of the non-mowing angle, oh yeah.

How are the costs of your products and services determined? We hope you understand that we will be saving you money and time verses a grass lawn.

Are you guys experts in this? Yes and no. Yes because we're the only ones doing this. And Yes because know more and have more experience than almost all folks. We don't think of ourselves as experts because working with Nature is humbling, we have a lot to learn.

Your website has a '.org' instead of '.com', are you guys a nonprofit?  Yes and no. If you mean are we a do good group (charitable purpose) that is in it for the love more than money- yes. If you mean are we a registered corporation that pays tax on our income and has a board of directors (bureaucracy) then- no, we're not a nonprofit (corporation). Our mission of anti-mowing is what qualifies us to qualify for nonprofit status. We haven't applied yet.

Please feel free to email us any questions,

Ideas about 'nonprofit'
(We're not experts on law so the following is meant as a guideline.)

We're asked every year if we're a nonprofit. The main reason we are asked if we are a nonprofit is because of our '.org' internet address. We chose the '.org' because is taken.

Please forgive the over simplifying of the next sentance. Almost all folks think nonprofits are 'groups'. Well every nonprofit is a business that is also a corporation. And all nonprofits, except spiritual businesses, have a boards of directors. Everyone who makes money through the operation of a nonprofit business pays the same income tax as everyone who works in the private sector. The main distinguishing criteria is that nonprofits perform a charitable cause. Seriously, why is the owner/operator of a convenience store in a dangerous neighborhood not a charitable cause- he provides food for people while risking his life and finances!

We're not registered as a nonprofit with the State. It costs like $2,000 and more than a few hours to file for nonprofit status. All legally designated nonprofits are businesses that are corporations. 'Profit' is most best understood as income above expenses. A nonprofits expenses include employees and board members wages, any money at the end of the year above those set limits goes into growing the business, not to shareholders.  Profit above expenses can go to increasing expenses (employee wages) the next year. Employees of nonprofits pay income tax on their wages. OHSU hospital is a nonprofit and is the largest employer in the Portland metro area.

We are asked if we are a nonprofit is because we convert lawns into moss which reduces lawn mower use which is fighting global warming which a lot of nonprofit groups do. And we offer wholesale plants and do Permaculture, again things nonprofits do. We say our charitable purpose is that we 'increase the number of people honoring our role with Nature, some even quit mowing'. Doesn't that sound like something a nonprofit would do?

The main benefits of nonprofit registration are to tax benefits, get things donated and people to volunteer. If TOMLC was a nonprofit we could get more press, more cooperation from bureaucracies and people volunteering and stuff given to us. If people volunteer we could charge less for everything we offer. It's just a matter if we qualify to be a nonprofit, if we apply to be a nonprofit and then if we're designated by the state as a nonprofit.

Getting nonprofit status is not a hill the owner of TOMLC wants to climb. Someday we bet a client of ours is going to donate their time and money to get us nonprofit status. Help us nonprofit rich person- you could make this business and the idea legit!