Potted Christmas Tree

potted Christmas tree

This section is for service in Portland & Eugene Oregon.

What if there was a company that delivered full size potted Christmas trees, then picked them up after New Years and planted them to grow old in parks and watersheds? Well, The Original Potted Christmas Tree Company is doing It! We make it convenient. You get a an actual living tree, and you don't have to transport it, or plant it in your yard after each Christmas. Our clients potted trees are planted at schools, churches, parks- to grow old. Potted trees are the freshest because, what's fresher than alive huh? A real nice thing about these potted trees is their natural shape- there's no going back to a cone shape tree! Since potted trees are tough to transport they need to be delivered. Since potted trees are delivered they are ordered online. Just browse this website, fill out the order form (on the order form page), and pay on this site with pay with PayPal or mail in a check. When your tree arrives next to your door, just slide it inside. After New Years, just slide it outside your door. We pick it up and it gets planted to grow old. That's quite a trip for a rooted tree- from farm to your living room then planted in a watershed. Imagine all the special feelings of Christmas with something new- an living tree! The best thing about a potted tree is a feeling like, "Wow it's an actual tree in my house, it's soo alive and with lights and decorations, and will soon be planted to be part of the environment- rained on, cleaning the air, home to birdies, to someday be a hundred feet tall, wowww..." Scroll down down down on this page and maybe you'll make a tree show up at your door :)

This section is for if you don't live in Portland, or Eugene Oregon. (We only serve Portland and Eugene Oregon.)

Feel free to check out our site- we are in Oregon but anyone anywhere can do potted Christmas trees. Your Christmas tree could be planted in your local park by your local parks department. Our site has information on how you can conveniently have a full size potted tree, wherever you live, on this page.

Each year around 50 million xmas trees are sold, but only a small percentage are potted. Imagine running a small potted xmas tree delivery business in your town, if you live near where farmers grow conifer trees for xmas trees or the landscape market. W
e offer franchising on this page.

Check out our trees indoors page.

Thank you and Merry Christmas

Here's how it works... read most of this page, scroll down down down (read about our delivery area, prices etc, click tree photos, pay with PayPal (way at the bottom), fill out the order form (on the order form page).

Then woohoo a tree shows up at your door !

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To see one of the news segments about us, click on the icon above or this text.
To see video of 38 or our trees that are in Pionner Square, click the icon above or this text.

2015 info

When to order: It's not too early or late to order. Ordering sooner rather than later is a better selection. You can order right up till xmas eve (if we don't sell out).

$85- we deliver and pick IT up.
$105- if you want to keep your tree

How long you would have your tree: (So they are healthy for planting, potted trees can't be indoors as long as cut trees.) You'd have your tree inside your home between Sunday 12/13/15 by 5pm, and Saturday 1/2/16 pm.

Portland delivery area: 97201, 97202, 97203, 97204, 97205.  97206- but not south of Flavel St, 97209.  97210- but not north of Vaughn St, 97211, 97212, 97213, 97214, 97215, 97217, 97218.  97219- but not south of Taylors Ferry Rd, 97221.  97223- but not south of Taylors Ferry Rd, 97225, 97227.  97229- we'll contact you if there's a delivery fee because it's a huge area, 97232, 97239.

Eugene / Springfield delivery area:
Since we're new to town, our delivery area is "not too far from our other clients".

General info: We put your tree right next to your door, you just slide it inside. You don't have to be home for delivery. If your tree needs to go up or down any stairs inside your home, definitely get a 6' tree, (the 7.5' ones aren't supposed to be lifted). If you live in an apartment / condo with a shared secure main door, sorry, this year we aren't making special arrangements. If you'd like a tree earlier than 12/14 5pm, sorry, this year we aren't making any special arrangements. As far as the most aromatic tree, just pinch a few needles each day, of any tree, to make your tree 'smell more' (doesn't harm tree).

Tree kinds and sizes: Tree selection is on the internet because we deliver. Our trees have a more natural shape than the traditional dense / sheered / cone shape. The tip of the tree height is from floor to the top of the tip, (tip height includes pot height which is about one foot). All our trees fit under any ceiling. Tip of 7.5' tree is 7' to 7' 9" high. Tip height is between 6' and 7' but they are significantly smaller than 7.5' size. Scroll down down down to see photos of trees and branches. Thank you woohoo!

7.5' blue spruce
7.5' Corkbark fir
6' & 7.5' Norway spruce
7.5' pine
7.5' Serbian spruce

Easy care of your living Christmas tree:
The lights that are small, (pencil erasure size) are perfect. Just water a pint or two every day. When not at home, turn the heat down as low as practical. Put It near a window if possible. If a heating vent is near the tree
, cover and insulate the vent. If you heat your home with a wood stove, your tree won't be healthy enough for planting. No: tinsel, flock (fake snow) or big (thumb size) lights.

Thank you woohoo!

Tree Photos

potted cristmas tree
7.5' blue spruce- click to enlarge
potted cristmas tree
7.5' Corkbark fir- click to enlarge
potted cristmas tree
6' & 7.5' Norway spruce- click to enlarge
potted cristmas tree
7.5' Serbian spruce- click to enlarge
potted cristmas tree
7.5' pine- click to enlarge

Branches and needle pics below

blue spruce branches
blue spruce branches- click to enlarge
Corkbark fir branches
Corkbark fir branches- click to enlarge
Norway spruce branches
Norway spruce branches- click to enlarge
Serbian spruce branches
Serbian spruce branches- click to enlarge
pine branches
pine branches- click to enlarge

There are two steps to order...

(Please do both on the same day.)

1. Pay with PayPal below
(or mail a check to TOPCTC, POB 903, Eugene, OR 97440)

2. Fill out the order form (order form page)

$85 delivery & pickup.

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$105- we deliver, you keep your tree.
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