If you don't live in Portland Oregon
This page has information how anyone anywhere can do for yourself what we do for clients in Portland. This page has information if you might consider starting a franchise of our company.

If you love the idea of a moss lawn and the other things we do, we hope you read over our whole website and do some online searching. Moss doesn't grow every where but if you love the idea it's worth a try. All we had when we started was the idea. Now that we've shared the idea you can do what we do.

If you want a moss lawn, learn which herbicide you want to use. Learn about the conditions moss likes and make your lawn ready. Then spray to keep the grass and weeds out and transplant in moss until your lawn is moss only.

If you want moss out of your lawn, rake it out and/or learn which spray to kill it. Then learn the conditions that moss doesn't like, and grass needs, then make your lawn that way.

If you want a terrarium, learn what plants and containers are available in your area. Then decide what budget and kind of terrarium you want and make one.

If you want new plants on your property, learn wholesale places in the country near you. If you want to honor Nature with permaculture plants, search online and plant them on your property and enjoy.

If you want a landscaping service, find the best value service in your area. Finding the best value takes some effort but it's worth it if you want a nice landscape.

If you want a 7' living (potted) Christmas tree that you don't have to plan in your backyard after New Years, visit livingchristmastrees.org in December to learn how.

If you want some help doing what we do, even if you live outside Portland, we are available for consultation, there'd be a fee payable through paypal if you live outside of Portland.

If you love what we do, why not make it your living- consider starting a franchise!

Franchise TOMLC

We'd love to talk with you this year about the possibility of you franchising us. You'd get started asap. It's very easy to get started. Many aspects have already been set up. You can use our website. We'll share things like; the ins and outs of moss, where to get plants, where to hire landscapers, how to build terrariums. We'll be glad to share our experience and knowledge to help you run a successful business. The best part is that you will be promoting people honoring Nature.

The perfect candidate has these interests:

  • Passionate about the moss lawn idea and running a business that connects people to Nature. (That's the key to success.)

  • Willing to work, 3 to 4 days a week, 12 hours a day.

  • Can spend time communicating with TOMLC, hiring/managing a team, going door to door to get clients, and other misc.

  • Consider signing an agreement and share with TOMLC an insignificant amount of your income annually.

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